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Pre-K (4-5 years old)

Our Pre-K Students are ready to be challenged as they master new skills.

This program helps equip your child with the academic and social skills that are needed for kindergarten. The A Beka Curriculum along with other educational resources provides activities and lessons that focus on advancing language ability, cognitive skills, problem solving, creativity, mathematical reasoning, and scientific thought. Enriched Workstations including guided reading with the teacher fosters hands-on guided experiences involving all the skills and understanding necessary for individual development and academic success. Enrichment programs including Spanish, French, music, art, dance and taekwondo are added to our Pre-K Program.

We provide our Pre-K Students with nutritious foods for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We help our children develop good eating habits and encourage their independence. Eating in our classroom allows our students to pace their meals in a comfortable and familiar environment. Our teachers enjoy eating with their students. This allows time for bonding with good food and interesting conversations. Our children have the opportunity to enjoy a calming tune while resting on individual, assigned cots. Some nap for a time while others enjoy a quiet activity.