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Infants (6 Weeks +)


As we all know, babies are born learning. Our caregivers have an important role to foster early brain growth. We are preparing our babies for a lifetime of learning and for future success in life. Our caregivers are warm and responsive to our babies’ needs. Scientists tell us that stimulating a baby or young child’s brain can be done through singing songs, talking, holding and reading to them daily. All of these acts cause connections in the brain to form. Sign language is introduced to encourage children to express themselves and stimulate their early communication skills.
Our teachers are always interacting with our “Lifetime Learners” to ensure that your child’s vocabulary, imagination, and language skills are being developed.

It is essential for us to work with parents to ensure consistency for our babies. We ask that families provide meals during this stage because each babies needs are so different. An infant daily report is given to the parents so that they will know how much and when their child ate, diaper changes, disposition, and how long their child slept.

We believe that it is essential for babies to feel loved. We express this love through hugs, cuddles, and responding to cries. We promote closeness with babies and build trust by taking time during regular routines to interact and respond to their needs. Simple acts such as feedings, diaper changes and washing hands become a special time for close one-on-one interaction. We aim to make every child’s heart happy and show them that they are loved.